Frequently asked questions

My School can use Student case 365?

Yes, Student case 365 is services for Kindergarten, Primary school, Secondary school, Special school and University who have Microsoft office 365 A1 / A3 / A5 License.

Student case 365 will share my school Data?

No, Student case 365 is Set up on Single Talent. Thats mean school data only saved in their system data base only. other school and third cannot share or view the school system information. Student case 365 Security and Compliance by Microsoft office 365

Can Student case 365 support Mobile on andriod and iOS, need pay extra cost on Hardware or Cloud service?

Student case 365 support andriod and iOS on Mobile and Tablet. School no extra cost on Mobile apps, system server and cloud service.

Any Training and Support service on student case 365 ?

Yes, we will provide system training to School, User Manual and support service. School joined annual support service. we will provie Hotline and support services. K-Solve support Service Monday to Friday 9:00-6:00

My School have special request on the workflow and notifaction to schoold management. Can student case 365 support?

We have Student case 365 standard version and Student case 365 professional version. You may can take professional version. in the scope of professional versiion, we include set up the extra workflow by your special school policy.

My school already have other system for student record, can you export and import the record to other system?

The answer is yes, we can export and excel or CSV file. you can import our Excel or CSV file to your other application system.